Fun Ideas for Hosting a Royal Wedding Party


On Saturday May 19 Harry and Meghan will be official tie the knot.  Both channel nine and the ABC have confirmed they will be airing the Royal wedding.

This calls for a celebration!

Coverage will take place from 7pm.  On channel 9 you’ll have Georgie and Karl located in London and Windsor.

If you have Foxtel, then tune into the UKTV channel where you’ll be able to watch an uninterrupted stream of the wedding throughout the night.

When hosting a party there are a few things many consider, Will they have a theme? How will they entertain their guests? (In this instance we’ve got the wedding coverage) and what catering they’ll have.

Here at Party Remedy we’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started:

4 Fun Themes for a Royal Wedding Party

  • Wedding Dress Party, get all the ladies together in their own gowns from years gone by
  • Encourage everyone to come in their royal attire, think tiara’s, sashes, crowns
  • Host a black affair and have a lavish champagne station to match
  • Host a tea party (whilst it will be more of a supper for us in Australia)

Fun games to host at a Royal Wedding Party

  • Host a hat competition

There are always a swag of hats on show at a royal wedding. Invite everyone to create or bring a hat and host a hat competition, you could have prizes for biggest, most creative or just down right daggiest, depending on the level of sophistication you’re going for.

  • Create a royal trivia competition

You could create a trivia night in the lead up to the ceremony.  Depending on how many people you’re hosting you could break it down into pairs or teams and have a souvenir as the prize.

Check out Buzz Feed for a 12 great royal question that will be sure to get the brains ticking over.

  • Host a royal wedding drinking game

This looks like a lot of fun! No doubt a few of these reference will be made throughout the evening.

  • Royal Sash game

Give each guest three sashes each, they’re not allowed to say the word ‘wedding’ or ‘royal’ if they do and you hear them you can take one of their sashes, the person with the most sashes after a period of time wins

Food and Drink fit for a Royal Wedding Party

As we’ll be watching the Royal Wedding in the evening Australia Time a super or dessert station is a great way to go.  You may opt to invite guests a little earlier and host a dinner party however a dessert or supper station is a great way to go if hosting many. Here is our vision board for a little inspiration:

Mini Nude Cakes / Fruit Platter / Cucumber Sandwiches / Macarons / Party Pack

As well as food, what you drink is usually of high importance.  Pimms always screams UK drinking so some jugs of Pimms will be nice, as well as some champagne or a lavish mimosa station to create a little variety for your guests.

Pimms / Rose Ice / Mimosa Station

Finally if you’re party is for adults and children alike check out our Royal Wedding Guide for Kids for loads of activities to amuse the little ones too.

Royal Wedding Guide for Kids


The Royal Wedding is a celebration for young and old so check out our Royal Wedding Guide for kids.

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and regardless of whether you’re a royal fanatic or not it’s certainly capturing the attention of the whole world.  So today we thought we’d share our curated collection of fun ways to celebrate with kids.

The actual wedding itself will be late in the evening Australian time, whilst coverage will start from 7pm for younger kids the joy can be in the lead up.

There are so many fun activities on line for kids and it’s a great way to build up a bit of excitement.

Check out Sparkle Box, a UK education resource who has compiled a great collection of fun activities for kids, such as:

  • Design a wedding dress
  • Colour and decorate the wedding cake
  • Royal Family Snap cards

Plus so much more


If colouring in is more your style, check out this colouring book called Harry and Meghan: A Love Story Colouring Book.  Whilst it’s available for purchase we’ve managed to locate some ‘sample pages’ for free:

Finally available through the ABC store you can purchase the Harry and Meghan paper doll book for lots of fun on the day and there-after.

A bit of baking in the lead up can be fun too and provide something to nibble on when the bride and groom finally arrive.  Cupcakes with Royal Wedding cake toppers will certainly set the scene.  Check out these free printable cake toppers from The Purple Pumpkin Blog


Despite the fact that here in Australia it is an evening affair the Royal Wedding is a great opportunity to celebrate love and allow children to soak up the joy of a real royal wedding, something usually reserved for Disney movies.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our Royal Wedding Guide for kids and would love you to pop over to our Facebook Group and share your plans if you have any.