Hosting a Halloween Street Party

Hosting a Halloween Street Party is a fun way to celebrate the joy of Halloween.

Halloween is fast becoming a great excuse for a celebration. Traditionally celebrated in America, I have no doubt by the time the current generation of kids are parents, it will be hugely accepted in Australia too.

Not everyone is comfortable with trick or treating and I honestly believe the best way around this is to host your own party. Better still a Halloween Street Party is a great way to get your neighbourhood involved.


How to Host a Halloween Street Party

Firstly invite your neighbours, more often than not these are people you know and if you branch out and invite everyone in the street you may be in a position to block off the entry to your street and allow the party to spill out onto the road.

Decide on food, do you want to host a sausage sizzle or ask everyone to bring a plate of nibbles? Everyone bringing a plate is an ideal way to reduce the cost, plus it’s a great way to get a variety of food.

Decorating helps everyone get in the mood. Can you hang decorations in trees? Pumpkins in the driveway?  Another great idea is to simply half fill paper bags with a bit of sand and stick a candle in it, then line the gutters, this creates a great atmosphere as it gets dark, alternatively, leading up to Halloween you could create your own DIY Halloween Lanterns.

Encourage everyone to have a bowl of treats for your very own trick or treating.

Halloween Lanterns

Trick or Treat at a Street Party

It’s a great idea to set a time for trick or treating at your street party. Parents can each retreat to their own yard ready to hand out treats.

The beauty about this method is you can see what is going on and it’s a great opportunity to let the kids go off together with the other kids in the street, without adult supervision (as you can pretty much see what is going on anyway, as no one is entering anyone’s home)

Other Halloween Street Party Ideas

There are many different ideas to keep people entertained at a Halloween Street Party. Aside from the usual, drinks and nibbles and fun music, at Halloween you can incorporate on theme party games and entertainment.

Halloween Street Party

Hosting a Halloween Street Party is a great way to not only enjoy this festive time of the year, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with your neighbours, which no doubt is something we just don’t do often enough, especially leading into this busy holiday season.


Halloween Spider Web


The Halloween Spider Web Craft is a great activity for younger children.

It’s great for them to use their fine motor skills threading the yarn through the designated holes.

For this one, I get a paper plate and cut the inside of the plate out leaving just the lip of the plate as a frame.  I have a craft hole punch so have the ability to punch smaller holes around the plate, but a normal hole punch will do the trick just fine.


At this stage I get the kids involved.

I give them a needle with some yarn attached and tie the end of the yarn to the plate, them I let them ‘spin their web’ so to speak.  Obviously each Halloween spider web is unique.

Once they’ve filled all the holes going back and forth, round and round, I take the needle off and tie the end to the plate.

It is at this point that we strategically place a few of our plastic little spiders in the web and place our Halloween Spider web’s on display.

If you don’t have plastic spiders, drawing your own and cutting them out will certainly have a similar effect.