40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday

40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday

40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday seemed to be a wonderful idea for Rachel when planning her hubby’s birthday.

She was conscious as a husband and father he was often the last one to get any real attention when it was his birthday, as she was often busy baking cakes for everyone else and planning beautiful kids parties.  But it was time to stop and acknowledge her hubby and celebrate his 40th birthday with all the bells and whistles starting with his gifts.

Rachel set about shopping for the special occasion.  She picked up a few of his favourite things, some cheaper bits and pieces, some more expensive bits and pieces, as well as planning tools for the ultimate gift a family holiday.

To give you a bit of an idea of some of the things you could buy someone when buying 40 gifts, here is the list of items Rachel bought her hubby:

40 Gifts

  • Watch
  • Hat
  • Bucket Hat
  • 3 x T-shirts (individually wrapped)
  • 2 x shorts
  • Thongs
  • 3 x Undies
  • Family photo in a frame
  • Hershey’s chocolate topping
  • Bundaberg creamy soda
  • A stationery set
  • A pencil case
  • A USB charging station
  • Torch
  • Torch battery
  • A bottle of Vodka
  • Vodka Cruisers
  • $30 Movie Voucher
  • 4 x Blocks of chocolate (again individually wrapped)
  • A packet of sour worms
  • Giant chocolate freckles
  • A packet of chocolate freckles
  • #1 Dad chocolate medal
  • Gold chocolate bars
  • 2 x Lotto Tickets
  • 5 x $1 scratchies
  • $5 Crossword scratchy
  • Gillette razor blades
  • Fiji booklet from the travel agent (as Rachel and her hubby opted for a family holiday as opposed to a party)


And to ensure he felt really special, Rachel made sure she took care of the small details, balloons, ice-cream cake and other afternoon tea treats to appreciate.

Ice-Cream Cake

How to implement this idea at any age!

Just because Rachel did 40 Gifts for a 40th Birthday doesn’t mean you can’t apply this concept at any time.  It’s a great way to make someone feel super special on a milestone birthday such as 13, 16, 18, 21, 30, 40…….

As you can see not all gifts need to be expensive or over the top.  You can pick some bigger ideas like clothing, watches, holidays.  Throw in some things they need, such as a diary, pencil case, hat, undies.  And finally fill it up with miscellaneous good such as their favourite treats, lotto tickets and scratchies.

If the idea of buying this many gifts feels like a challenge, plan plan plan.  Buy a gift a week and store the items until needed.  Or create a savings plan over several months, putting a little aside each week until you’re ready to go out and shop.


40 Gifts for a 40th birthday is truly a wonderful way to make someone feel super special.  It’s not a concept we’re likely to pull out each year so it will no doubt come as a wonderful surprise and really show the birthday person just how much they’re loved with the attention and details involved.


‘Ask Party Remedy’ Series ~ Celebrating with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas Party Remedy

How can we Celebrate with hydrangeas Party Remedy?

Recently I was contacted by a reader who was planning a birthday party for one of her relatives.  This relative has given her a pretty open slate, her only request was it had to have Hydrangeas.

I get it, Hydrangeas are absolutely stunning, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate with hydrangeas!

I got to work creating a vision board to drawn inspiration from.

Firstly this lady was turning 70.  More often than not this screams sophistication, and class.  I also thought with Hydrangeas in tow it really needed to be feminine.

I sought some inspiration from the gorgeous party stylist Jayne at Opulenticity.  Both the rustic bench setting and the white trestle party table are her work.

Mixing wired back drops, crates, platters and balloons all with greenery and in this case hydrangeas throughout.  I love the balloon garland in white because it adds a bit of flair without dominating due to a specific colour.

Nude cakes are on trend at the moment and such an elegant way to present a cake for a birthday.  Topped with either a real floral arrangement or hydrangeas made from icing, a cake like this is sure to be a hit.

You could team up the birthday cake with an assortment of cupcakes for your food table as well.

Idea’s like the floral ice adds attention to detail and makes the decor soft.

I’ve added in the table with the fruit platter as an alternative.  If you were at a restaurant or didn’t have a separate food table, you could potentially pick up some narrow wood pieces from Bunnings add some low lying legs to them and run them up the centre of the table.  I’d then place your hydrangea mix under it, giving a real burst of floral style from one end of the table to the other, still allowing plenty of room to place food to share.

Outside of this I’d go with a boho or vintage style in pastels to continue with a soft, feminine style.

Cheers, Mandy xo


[The ‘Ask Party Remedy’ Series is a series on our blog where we address questions from our readers, if you’re seeking inspiration or ideas for a upcoming party and don’t know where to start, ask Party Remedy, simply email us at info@partyremedy.com and on the subject line put Ask Party Remedy]