Animal Friendly Reindeer Food

Reindeer Food

Putting reindeer food out on Christmas Eve has become a fun filled activity for many families.

Whilst it’s great fun and creates a lot of magic on night Santa and his sleigh is due to arrive, there is a lot of debate about how good this activity actually is.

Many people make reindeer food with glitter and sequins to really give it a pop of colour but in reality if the wild life come down and much on this is won’t be very good for them at all.

So whilst we want to enjoy the tradition of putting reindeer food out I do agree that it’s important to ensure its animal friendly.

Check out Party Remedies Animal Friendly Reindeer Food Recipe


Sprinkles (of your choice)
A container of choice to hold your creation


Simply mix two thirds oats with one third sprinkles.  There are no measurements for this recipe as you can adjust the quantity to suit the amount of reindeer food you want to make.

Hot Tips for creating some magic in your home!

This is a great activity for young children to make their own with minimal mess


You could host a Reindeer Food Making Session for your children with a group of friends.  In this instance you might choose to place the oats and a variety of sprinkles in different bowls on a table (a little like a candy station) and allow the kids to come through creating their own mix.

You could have little jars for them to put their mix in and also create a label making station where they could create their own label for their jar, a lovely take home from a fun evening.

Check out how Kelly Hampton from Enjoying the Small things does it!  So special.


In this instance we’ve picked up some cute little plastic test tubes and filled these with reindeer food as a fun filled way to present them to the children on Christmas Eve.  You can purchase them here.


These are a great addition to a Christmas Eve Box too if you’re putting one together.


Creating a Christmas Eve Box

Creating a Christmas Eve Box

It’s fast becoming a mainstream tradition for families to settle down on Christmas Eve with a Christmas Eve Box.

A Christmas Eve Box is essentially a gift box filled with bits and pieces for your child the night before Christmas.

It’s completely up to you whether you choose to fill a box for each child or one for your family.

What things would you place in your Christmas Eve Box?

  • New PJ’s for the whole family
  • A New Christmas movie to watch that night
  • Christmas treats / Movie Snacks including pop-corn
  • A new drink cup with a special drink mix (e.g. hot chocolate, strawberry milk)
  • Reindeer food to sprinkle on the front lawn
  • A new soft toy
  • A Christmas Bedtime Story Book
  • Plate for Santa’s treats
  • Key for Santa (if you don’t have a chimney)
  • A new ornament for the tree with the year dated

A simple cardboard gift box will do, however if you plan on recycling your box each year there are some lovely personalised boxes that would be a joy to pull out year after year.

Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove have some sweet personalised wood boxes available via their website.

As well as these gorgeous options from Hard to Find also available via their website.

Christmas Eve Box

It’s not so much about how much you spend as it is putting things in to bring you together as a family.  It’s a great opportunity to block out all the outside noise, wind down for the pending celebration awaiting the following morning.

Do you celebrate the night before Christmas with a Christmas Eve Box?  If so we’d love to hear what you put in yours.  Why not pop over to The Party Remedy Tribe on Facebook and share what you do with the rest of the tribe.