Royal Wedding Guide for Kids


The Royal Wedding is a celebration for young and old so check out our Royal Wedding Guide for kids.

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and regardless of whether you’re a royal fanatic or not it’s certainly capturing the attention of the whole world.  So today we thought we’d share our curated collection of fun ways to celebrate with kids.

The actual wedding itself will be late in the evening Australian time, whilst coverage will start from 7pm for younger kids the joy can be in the lead up.

There are so many fun activities on line for kids and it’s a great way to build up a bit of excitement.

Check out Sparkle Box, a UK education resource who has compiled a great collection of fun activities for kids, such as:

  • Design a wedding dress
  • Colour and decorate the wedding cake
  • Royal Family Snap cards

Plus so much more


If colouring in is more your style, check out this colouring book called Harry and Meghan: A Love Story Colouring Book.  Whilst it’s available for purchase we’ve managed to locate some ‘sample pages’ for free:

Finally available through the ABC store you can purchase the Harry and Meghan paper doll book for lots of fun on the day and there-after.

A bit of baking in the lead up can be fun too and provide something to nibble on when the bride and groom finally arrive.  Cupcakes with Royal Wedding cake toppers will certainly set the scene.  Check out these free printable cake toppers from The Purple Pumpkin Blog


Despite the fact that here in Australia it is an evening affair the Royal Wedding is a great opportunity to celebrate love and allow children to soak up the joy of a real royal wedding, something usually reserved for Disney movies.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our Royal Wedding Guide for kids and would love you to pop over to our Facebook Group and share your plans if you have any.

What would you outsource to reduce party stress?

Let’s all focus on how to reduce party stress!  It’s meant to be fun… right?

Hosting a party can be so demanding.  We love the idea of the perfect theme, including back drop, décor, catering and music, we love the idea of being surrounded by good people enjoying ourselves.

But often the lead up, the preparation, can be so overwhelming we forget to enjoy ourselves along the way.

So we hit the net and ask some fabulous women what their top tips were for reducing party stress. This is what they had to say:

Definitely the cake! Yes, there are some of us that love to make our own hopefully edible masterpiece ourselves, to see the joy on everyone’s face when it’s that all important cake time!

However, with this being said, it is the most stressful part of a party. Who wants to be up all hours the night before decorating, scared that something will go totally wrong, making it a complete disaster. Cake makers do a wonderful job, and well deserve the $ they charge.

Nicole Smith ~ Creative Mum Life

My top tip to relieve the birthday stress would be to invest your time & efforts into a grazing platter, either sweet or savoury, that spans the length of your centre table, to give a big impact with low effort. Whilst it still pays to pick a theme as such (for example, pastel coloured donuts, lollies,fruit & biscuits for a girly theme), because of the deconstructed nature of a grazing platter, it’s a much more stress-free way to present your food, without having to showcase items on their own cake stands, cupcake towers & the like, and you’re able to mix and match foods & bulk up the platter with cheaper items such as grapes/crackers/lollies/fruit, negating the need to have even numbers to create an WOW centre table.

Charlotte Sweet ~ The Bambino Bible

I like to outsource some or all of the cooking, the cleaning and preparing of the house (if the party is at home) and taking photos on the day!

This leaves me free to focus on the decorating, the cake (my favourite part of the cooking), and planning the fun. I also start preparing really early to keep stress levels down.

Louise East ~ More to Mum

For the next birthday party I host for my kids, I plan on outsourcing the entertainment! I’d love to hire someone to keep the kids happy and entertained, maybe paint their faces and play games.

That is the part of parties that I find most stressful, some help entertaining would really take the pressure off!

Melissa Behan ~ Aussie Road Adventures

“The parties I usually have are birthday parties.  Since the cake is such a focal point and I am not a very good baker, I outsource this.  I found this nice lady who owns a small chocolate-focused baking business, and I have used her for birthday parties and even my wedding!

Saves me time so that I get to do the other party preparations that I enjoy more, and I support a small business in the process too.”

Suk-yi Lo ~ The Caffeine Trifecta

I would outsource the catering to reduce stress for a party.

When feeding a crowd you need to make sure nobody goes home hungry.

Beth Rusmanis ~ Dance Discovery

Outsource the venue!  Walk away from the mess at the end of the night and have someone else clean up.

You get to enjoy the night too without worrying about broken glasses and stained carpets.

Joanna Love ~ Tiny Loves Slow

I love to host birthday parties for my children at home.  I think it’s because of the fond memories I have growing up and having wonderful birthday parties in our family house.  There can be so much work involved though, particularly when I like to make the cake and all of the food myself.
What works best for me is to outsource the cleaning of my house prior to the event. As a busy working mum, cleaning can often be something I struggle to find time to do!  So when I am going to have a lot of guests over, it’s fabulous to have a cleaner come through and make the house sparkle, whilst I focus on what is truly important to me – the food!
Rachel Cassidy ~ Little Peeps Eats

What do you outsource to reduce party stress?  Something different to what's on our list?

Feel free to pop on over to our Facebook Group The Party Remedy Tribe and share your hot tips with us.