Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

We adore these chicken rice paper rolls, they’re so full of flavour and simple to make.  they’re great as a starter at a dinner party or a finger food option at a larger celebration. However you don’t want to make them too far in advance or the rice paper will go a little hard.


Rice paper wrappers
3 x Chicken breast
Handfuls of spinach leaves
Handfuls of grated carrot
Handfuls of cucumber sticks
Handfuls of capsicum sticks

* We use the squeeze herb products found in the fresh section of the supermarket.  They’re quick, cheaper and effective


Prepare vegetables.

Chop chicken into small pieces and cook over stove top.  Squeeze a little of the herbs over the chicken and cook for a further minute or so.

Fill a bowl with tap hot water.  One at a time dip rice paper roll into water for approx. 30 seconds, lay on a clean tea towel and place a little of ingredients in the middle.

Fold top and bottom over.  Fold one side across also and then continue to roll until sealed.

Continue this process until all ingredients are used up.

Amount will vary depending on how much you put in each roll, but 3 chicken breast will usually make 18-20.

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