A Custom Cake for Zander

Last month we celebrated Zander’s 8th birthday.  We didn’t have a party this year but it was still super important to make him feel valued and acknowledge his special day.  We did this by going to the footy, taking a few mates and creating a custom cake to celebrate.

Zander is a passionate St Kilda Football Club Member and it was only fitting with the first round of the season falling the same weekend as his birthday to tie it all together.

Making the Footy Extra Special

We go to the footy a lot, so we wanted it to feel extra special.  We started by inviting three of his mates along, that’s always fun and then I went about creating fun filled goodie bags for their day.

To create a bit of spark we put together a celebration table at home in Saints colours and put all the food on the table allowing them to collect their own goodies in preparation.

On offer were:

  • Crisp
  • Nutella filled donuts
  • Skittles
  • Chocolate frogs


They’d eaten lunch before we left and we’d get home in time for dinner, so this was more than enough to tie them over and feel like they were having party style treats.

We decided to wait until after the footy and dinner to sing happy birthday and have some cake.

Creating a Custom Cake

We decided the best way to tie his cake with the footy theme was to create a custom cake topper.  We’ve got so many awesome photos of Zander from footy games, clinics, family nights you name it we had no shortage of images to choose from.


We visited the Custom Icing website to decide what size cake we wanted to go with and went from there.

They provide a fabulous tool on their website for designing your own custom cake topper.  I did however use photo shop prior to create exactly what I wanted, so I simply had to add my image and drag it to fill the space.  But I love the fact that you can add photos, clip art and text from their website which means you don’t have to have fancy editing tools at home to get a great result.

Our order arrived within 24 hours and we were ready to build our cake.  Kids are fussy so we opted for a simple vanilla cake with frosting. My biggest challenge was simply making sure I had a nice flat surface to place the cake topper on.

I love that the custom icing products don’t contain any know allergens.  With a child with coeliac disease it’s nice to know it was gluten free.  (Note: also egg, diary and nut free)

I followed the simple instructions for peeling the icing off the sheet, which worked a charm and nervously placed the cake topper on the cake.  It was a lot simpler than I anticipated which was great and it looked fantastic.

Zander absolutely loved seeing himself on his cake (what kid doesn’t, honestly!) he loved reminiscing about the days the photos were taken and he loved that there was a photo of him and his mate who was away at the time of his birthday.

This was a great way to personalise Zander’s cake and I’d definitely consider it as an option again, especially for those milestone birthdays.

The Footy Game

We went along to Etihad to watch the Saints vs Lions, weather was spot on and we were fortunate enough to be sitting right behind the goals which always add for extra excitement.  We can happily say that the Saints got up that day which finished the celebration off just perfectly.

Zander is happy to report 8 is looking pretty good.


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  1. Hey there Party Remedy,
    It looks like Zander had quite possibly the best footy party ever! Looks like loads of fun was had. We are so pleased to see that the Custom Icing edible image cake topper was a great success and a hit with Zander and his mates.

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