‘Ask Party Remedy’ ~ What’s Hot for Parties in 2018

Recently I was asked by a friend, what’s hot for Parties in 2018?  There was plenty of great in the party world in 2107 that will continue to roll on in 2018 such as drip cakes, but 2018 is not going to disappoint.

Balloon Garlands

Balloons have definitely come a long way since the good old days of popping a few hyleium balloons on a table as a centre piece.  Big bold statements are now being made in particular with a balloon garland.

A combination of colours and different sizes a balloon garland can hang from the ceiling be hung on a wall or more commonly they’re draped around centre pieces, party tables or literally the whole room.  People just can’t get enough.

Source: This Little Party

Grazing Platters

In 2017 a grazing platter definitely became the new way to cater.  As we move into 2018 it’s just getting bigger and better.  Gone are the days of a little platter with a couple of dips and crackers, now we’re seeing whole tables, filled with all sorts of food, cold meats, cheeses, dips, biscuits, fruit, nuts.  And to top it off people aren’t just limiting themselves to savoury, a dessert grazing table is a great way to incorporate slices, chocolate, wafers and more to create a visual delight and a hassle free way for guests to come and collect what they like.

Source: Carnival Creations

Party Table

More and more people are creating a statement piece through a party table, in fact sometimes people go beyond just a table, using old dressers and buffets to display their party wares.  The use of banners as back drops, loads of serving platters to break up items all help to create some WOW factor.  A combination of decorative pieces such as flowers, balloons or even toys set the scene often accompanied by a cake, finger food, drinks, party favours or even a lolly buffet.  Whatever you decide to put on your table, the point is to create one central hub that will capture your guests attention as they enter a room.

Source: Opulenticity

Cake Toppers

First of all it was drip cakes and then it stepped up a notch with a stunning array of cake toppers.  Regardless of whether you go with a wooden cake topper, a metallic one or something made of card they’re a great way to add a personal touch to your party.  There are plenty of generic options as well as the ability to really personalise your theme.

Source: Cardique Craft Studio

Slumber Parties

It’s all about the indoor slumber parties for kids at the moment.  With plenty of hire companies scattered across Australia, it’s a simple yet fun take on the traditional slumber party.  Choose your theme and let them take care of the rest.  All you need is a bit of space,

Source: Twinkle Little TeePee

Cookie Cakes

It’s all about the cookie cake at the moment.  A great opportunity to personalise the cake with a letter or number.  Two or three sugar cookies joined together with a cream based filling and your choice of decorative features.  Popular choices include macarons, flowers, chocolates an any sweet treats that will give a decorative finish.

Source: The Sweetest Bite by Kylie G

This is just a start to a big year of parties in 2018.  If you’re looking to impress, any of these ideas are on trend and will definitely be a winner.

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