Best Easter Cocktails on the internet!

We’re super excited seeing all these fabulous Easter cocktails when on the internet.  As we plan our Good Friday affair we’re hosting, our eyes light up at all the wonderful ideas that we can bring to life.

With so much to choose from we thought we’d provide you with a curated collection of the best Easter cocktails on the internet.

Easter Cocktails

From top left to bottom right: Boozy Easter Cocktail // Easter Strawberry Champagne

Creme Egg Cocktail // Cottontail Martini // Chocolate Martini // Hot Cross Bun Martini

OMG how good do these look!  I am thinking perhaps a champagne station of some sort including the Easter Strawberry Champagne to start with because we don’t want to overload and make ourselves sick.  However an array of chocolate inspired cocktails to accompany our desserts won’t go astray.

We can’t forget about the kids now can we!  Check out our selection that will be sure to see some eyes light up.  I think the key with the kids drinks is less is more.  Using small milk bottles or glasses ensure they get the excitement of a special Easter drink without serving something up that is going to go to waste or make them feel unwell.

From Left to right: Raspberry Lemonade // Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes // Creme Egg Milkshakes

I think we’re going to have to pace ourselves, but that’s what happens when you invite people over for a lunch isn’t it.  It lasts a while and you graze throughout the day.  Or drink in this case!

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