20 Classic Christmas Movies for the Whole Family

The Christmas season isn’t called the silly season for no reason.  But in amongst all the chaos nothing beats sitting down as a family for a bit of time out.  There are so many Classic Christmas Movies to enjoy it’s the perfect excuse to take a break.


  1. The Polar Express
  2. The Grinch
  3. Home Alone
  4. Elf
  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  6. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  7. The Muppet Christmas Carol
  8. The Santa Clause
  9. Jingle all the Way
  10. The search for Santa Paws

Classic Christmas Movies

  1. The Dog who Saved Christmas
  2. Merry Madagascar
  3. Ernest Saves Christmas
  4. Ice Age a Mammoth Christmas Special
  5. Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  6. Arthur Christmas
  7. Miracle on 34th Street
  8. Fred Claus
  9. Prancer
  10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


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Fun Filled Christmas Recipes for Kids

Christmas is a great time for getting together as a family and having some fun, but let’s not make it too complicated.  Here are some fun filled Christmas recipes for kids that won’t leave you in a frazzle.

Christmas Style Rocky Road


700g White Chocolate Melts
1 Packet of Raspberry Lollies
1-2 Bags of Mini Marshmallows
½ Cup of Desiccated Coconut

  • Melt chocolate
  • Once melted add raspberry lollies, coconut and marshmallows and stir well
  • Spread into a lined lamington tin / slice tray
  • Place in fridge for at least half an hour, preferably longer to set
  • Once set slice and serve

Mars Bar Christmas Puddings


3 Cups Rice Bubbles
75g Butter
1 Tablespoon of Golden Syrup
3 Mars Bars (200g)
150g White Chocolate
24 Red / Green M&M’s

  • Chop Mars Bars up into smaller chunks
  • Place Mars Bar pieces, butter and golden syrup in a sauce pan and heat until completely melted
  • Remove from the heat and add the Rice Bubbles, stirring through
  • Grab golf ball size pieces of mixture and roll into balls and place in tray (or into mini cupcake cases)
  • Place in Fridge for 1 hour to set
  • Once set melt chocolate and pour over each pudding.  You can use a piping bag, or a clip lock lunch bag works great with the corner cut out
  • Before the chocolate sets place a red or green M&M on each pudding and place in fridge for a further 20 minutes to set

Christmas Bark


200g Chocolate Melts
50g Candy Canes

  • Place candy canes in a clip log bag and break up with a rolling pin until crushed into small pieces
  • Melt chocolate
  • Spread chocolate on a large lined baking tray
  • Sprinkle with crushed candy cane
  • Place in fridge for 10 minutes to set
  • Once set place on bench and break into random size pieces to serve

What’s your go to for family time in the kitchen at Christmas?  Would love to hear, why not share it with The Party Remedy Tribe on Facebook.

DIY Tassel Garland

DIY Tassel Garland

I absolutely adore a Tissue Paper Tassel Garland, they’re definitely on trend right now and are an easy DIY for your next celebration.

Choose your colour theme and then you’re right to go.


Tissue Paper Garland

  • With a standard sheet of tissue paper to hand fold in half long ways, then fold in half in the opposite direction.
  • Cut strips toward the fold (no bigger than 1 cm), creating a bit of a fringe, but be sure to leave about 2 cm’s uncut at the fold line
  • Once you’ve done this unfold the tissue paper and cut it in half, (so each half has tassels on both sides. Each sheet will make two tassels in total.
  • One at a time, roll the tissue paper down the middle, do this as tight as possible, then once the sheet is rolled up fold in half so the tassels on both ends are hanging down and you’ve created a loop in the middle.

You’ve just made a tassel for your garland.  Now repeat the process with your colours of preference, then thread onto a piece of twine to hang.

I find they do move on the twine and I prefer to just stick them in place with a dab of glue from a hot glue gun to ensure they’re nicely spread across the twine.

Want to receive a Letter from Santa this Christmas?

Receiving a Letter from Santa at Christmas time is such a magical moment for any child in the lead up to Christmas.  With so much going on around them such a simple letter can provide so much joy.

The internet is overloaded with options so we thought we’d hone in on the best options for Australian Families this Christmas.

Letters From Santa

Personalised Letters From Santa

These guys offer an online service where you create the letter via an online form and wait for it to arrive in the mail. Simple!

They have three different designs to choose from.

Love Santa

Letters from Santa, with a real Aussie feel. And not just any letter, but a letter that is personally addressed to each child and one that talks encouragingly about their good deeds (that you tell Love Santa about) it will get them excited about gifts that they might receive!

The Parcel Workshop

These guys offer a little more than your standard letter. The Parcel Workshop provide a Christmas Parcel which includes:

  • A Personalised Letter from Santa with your Child’s name on it
  • A Nice Certificate with your Child’s name on it
  • A Tin of Magical Reindeer Food
  • An exclusive CD with three original arrangements and a Christmas story
  • A Candy Cane
  • Frosty The Snowman’s frozen hot chocolate

Santa’s Little Elves

Santa’s Little Elves provide letters from Santa as well as Official Nice List Certificates.  Each letter is personalised with your child’s details, as well as the opportunity to select a Rudolph story to be added.  Santa’s Little Elves pride themselves in delivering stunning letters with an Official North Pole Postmark on each envelope.

Christmas Letters

Australia Post

The postal service offer’s a letter from Santa service also.  But first you must write to Santa to receive a response.  They have a great step by step guide on the website with downloadable templates for your letter.

There are loads of templates and variables in the letters these companies provide, so you can keep coming back year after year and still provide your child with a unique letter to help create the magic of Christmas

*Always note the deadline to avoid disappointment

35 Ideas for Advent Calendar Activities

Advent Calendar Activities

It’s that time of the year when we start to think about Christmas. 🙂

It’s so lovely to focus on doing and giving rather than receiving.  I find the kids get so much throughout the festive season, sometimes it’s nice to seek an alternative to providing lollies or gifts in the Advent Calendar, that’s why we’ve created a list of Advent Calendar Activities you can do with your family.

We’ve compiled a list of 35 Advent Calendar Activities you can use for an activity based Calendar this Christmas.  In no particular order:

  1. Write a letter to Santa Claus
  2. Write Christmas Cards
  3. Go Visit Santa
  4. Go Gift Shopping
  5. Take a family Christmas photo
  6. Watch a Christmas Movie
  7. Read a Christmas Book
  8. Bake Christmas Cookies
  9. Decorate Christmas Cookies
  10. Go to Carol’s by Candlelight
  11. Create a Christmas Craft or DIY
  12. Create thank you notes for your favourite Christmas Light Displays
  13. Go Christmas Light Spotting
  14. Bake a Gingerbread House
  15. Decorate a Gingerbread House
  16. Put up the Christmas Tree
  17. Buy a gift for someone less fortunate
  18. Learn a new Christmas Carol
  19. Make salt dough ornaments
  20. Make reindeer food
  21. Have a picnic dinner with your family
  22. Make Christmas bark
  23. Host an Ugly Sweater Competition
  24. Host a Christmas get-together
  25. Have a family games night
  26. Having a ‘gift giving’ baking session
  27. Give baked goods to neighbours and friends
  28. Donate some food to a Christmas Charity
  29. Decorate your room
  30. Send a letter to someone special you won’t see over Christmas
  31. Make Christmas Slime
  32. Have a family colouring in session, Christmas Style!
  33. Create a Family Christmas Wreath
  34. Host a Cookie Bake Swap
  35. Create a Cling Wrap Candy Ball for Christmas Day

Using this list as a guide you can create an action packed month in the lead up to Christmas day, full of celebrations, quality family time and giving, there is something here for everyone, regardless of age.

If you’ve got a great activity you like to do with your family in the lead up to Christmas, why not share it with us in our Facebook Group The Party Remedy Tribe.  Let’s be each others party remedy!

How To Host the Ultimate Colour Party

Colour Party

I’ve been thinking, it’s time, time to host a colour party!

Over the last five or more years Colour Runs otherwise known as the ‘Happiest 5kms on the planet’ have fast become the coolest way to complete a fun run.

As a family we’ve completed two colour runs and individually I’ve even completed the colour run at night.  Each and every event was so much fun.

It got me thinking about how all this fun can be pulled back onto a smaller scale but provide just as much excitement.

Party Powder provide Holi Coloured Powder so you can create your own Colour Party.  Inspired by the Holi Festival, which originally comes from India and is a celebration to welcome the spring and banish the evil spirits, Party Powder creates a fun filled atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

You can purchase an array of colours, or simply stick to a couple of different colours to suit your party theme.

How Can I host a Colour Party using Party Powder?

  • Stage a Party Powder Fight
  • Create a Mini Fun Run
  • Celebrate your sporting team’s End of Season
  • Create a gender reveal party with blue or pink powder

The powder is quite safe, made from natural ingredients (cornstarch and food dyes) therefore using it in the great outdoors is totally OK, it won’t harm animals or the environment.  That said people, especially kids are encouraged to wear sunglasses to cover their eyes purely to avoid discomfort.

The Party Powder activity won’t last too long so when hosting a party you will need to accompany it with something more.

Other ways to make your colour party fun:

  • Encourage everyone to bring a plate or host a picnic
  • Provide a Bluetooth speaker with some party tunes
  • Host a BBQ
  • Scatter some outdoor activities such as Bocce, Frisbee, Cricket to keep everyone entertained before and after the colour fun

Pump up the music, get your friends together and have a party in the park, no matter what the reason you’re sure to create a unique spin on your celebration that will have your guests talking for years to come.

Check out Party Powder for a full range of party powder supplies.

Benefits to hiring a Children’s Entertainer for your Kids Party

Children's Entertainer

There are so many different things you can do when coming up with party ideas, especially for kids, but if you choose to host a party at home there are so many benefit’s to hiring a children’s entertainer.

Children’s parties on average run for about 3 hours.  Sometimes if we’re hosting a party at home, with no one to kick us out, guests can linger and more often than not they tend to run a lot longer.

Coming up with ways to keep the kids entertained can be a challenge.

I know personally when I’ve put together a list of activities and anticipated timeframes, with kids enthusiasm they tend to flow a lot quicker and then I’m left thinking on my feet for the remainder of the time.

Children’s entertainers are a special breed of people.  The enthusiasm, excitement and joy they bring to each and every party is amazing.  Their ability to keep children mesmerised is quite frankly impressive to say the least.

Benefits to hiring a Children’s Entertainer

They help the party run efficiently

When the Children’s Entertainers arrive they’re with you for a designated period of time, you know exactly how long you’ve got someone else entertaining your children, making it a lot easier to plan your proceedings

Kids are guaranteed 100% of the Entertainers attention

When hosting a children’s party we can get caught up in all the little details, making it hard to give our full attention to what’s happening with the kids.  By hiring a children’s entertainer you can rest assured that is their sole responsibility.

Face Painter

There are no unexpected costs

They will bring their activities, arts and crafts, balloons, props with them.  This is always handy for eliminating unexpected costs.  Everything is inclusive in the fee.  Once you’ve paid your fee you should know exactly what you’re getting.  Sure beats coming up with your own activities and having to source all the props (which you’ll no doubt never use again)

The day will be less stressful

You get some down time!  Hosting a party can be hectic, it’s important you get some down time to actually enjoy the party too.  You’re probably hosting this children’s party not only so your child can have a great time, but to create those wonderful memories you hope they’ll reflect on for years to come.  This is all well and good but you want to ensure you’re in those memories.

These are just a few of the benefits to hiring children’s entertainers for your next celebration. At Party Remedy we have a number of entertainers in our directory, located across Australia.

For more ideas check out our Children’s Entertainers in our Party Directory

Megan’s Vintage Baby Shower

Megan was super excited at the prospect of becoming a Grandparent. To celebrate she put together a gorgeous Vintage Baby Shower to celebrate the pending arrival.

A beautiful afternoon was had at home in the back yard under the eve of the veranda.

Grazing Table

A table made from pallet’s draped in Hessian set the scene, hosting a well-stocked grazing platter for guests to nibble on throughout the afternoon. A gorgeous drip cake courtesy of Slices of Heaven by Anita served as sweets as well as sweet drinks station.

Vintage Baby Shower

Games for a Vintage Baby Shower

Megan put together a number of fun activities for including:

1/ Don’t Say Baby

Each guest grabbed a home-made necklace on arrival, the aim of the game is to not say baby. If you do and someone hears you they can take your necklace. The person with the most necklace’s at the end of the day wins.

It is really hard not to say baby at a baby shower! Trust me I know!

2/ Candy Guessing Game

On the side lines Megan put together a large plastic baby bottle filled with lollies. Each guest had to guess the amount of lollies in the bottle and the correct guess or closest guess wins the loot.

Vintage Baby Shower Dream Catcher

She also added a gorgeous Vintage touch with a stunning dream catcher hanging under the veranda and a bunch of tags for guests to leave a loving message or some words of wisdom for the pending baby. Then they had the opportunity to add their message to the dream catcher.

Such a beautiful gift with so much love from, they say it takes a village to raise a child, couldn’t think of a better way to start.

Vintage Baby Shower Gifts

After an afternoon of quality time with family and friends at the Vintage Baby Shower, Megan ensured the guest left with a sweet gift, a succulent or cactus to say thank you.

Western Birthday Party for Jess and Carly

When Carly and her sister Jess were turning 30 they joined forces to create a Western Birthday Party to celebrate. Boy oh boy was it a western wonderland or what!

Held in Jess’s backyard they went about creating an entertaining outdoor space that would welcome guests and provide for a fun night out.

They catered for the party themselves, keeping with the Western Theme, providing lamb, pork and beef cooked on a spit, baked potatoes, corn, carrots and peas.

Western Themed Party Table

The girls outsourced their cake to Ink & Icing and it’s fair to say it looked delicious and exciting. They placed the cake on a Party Table they created with a number of other Western styled treats.

Western Themed Party Snacks

Western Sweets Table Included ~

  • Cookies, were outsourced to Sweetness Cakes & Cookies, however the rest of the sweets table was a creative set up by both the girls.
  • TNT, was made out of Wonka raspberry twists and black liquorice
  • Gold nuggets, were simply Ferrero Rochers
  • Deconstructed S’mores were made with marshmallows, graham crackers crushed up and melted chocolate
  • Gold Rush Bag was stocked with chocolate gold coins
  • There were bullets, snakes, wagon wheels and much more.

And to ensure no one went home hungry the girls also whipped up a massive grazing platter of cold meats, cheeses biscuits etc.

Aside from ensuring their guests would be well fed, they set about turning the backyard into a spectacular western location that would provide the WOW factor we all want for those milestone birthdays.

A family friend helped them make a Cart, which essential become the esky, housing a supply of cold drinks.  Their talented friend also created the jail photo prop in the back corner and the noose which hung their skeleton.

Western Themed Party Ideas

The girls also created an awesome Western Saloon up on the deck, again, no stone was left unturned, they purchased old louver doors and had the ‘J & C Saloon’ Sign made by another friend.  Most of the other props were sourced via EBay.

Western Themed Party Styling


They asked all their friends to embrace the Western theme with a little fancy dress.  All in all everyone had an awesome time and the girls created a Western Birthday Party that would be one talked about for years to come.

Hosting a Halloween Street Party

Hosting a Halloween Street Party is a fun way to celebrate the joy of Halloween.

Halloween is fast becoming a great excuse for a celebration. Traditionally celebrated in America, I have no doubt by the time the current generation of kids are parents, it will be hugely accepted in Australia too.

Not everyone is comfortable with trick or treating and I honestly believe the best way around this is to host your own party. Better still a Halloween Street Party is a great way to get your neighbourhood involved.


How to Host a Halloween Street Party

Firstly invite your neighbours, more often than not these are people you know and if you branch out and invite everyone in the street you may be in a position to block off the entry to your street and allow the party to spill out onto the road.

Decide on food, do you want to host a sausage sizzle or ask everyone to bring a plate of nibbles? Everyone bringing a plate is an ideal way to reduce the cost, plus it’s a great way to get a variety of food.

Decorating helps everyone get in the mood. Can you hang decorations in trees? Pumpkins in the driveway?  Another great idea is to simply half fill paper bags with a bit of sand and stick a candle in it, then line the gutters, this creates a great atmosphere as it gets dark, alternatively, leading up to Halloween you could create your own DIY Halloween Lanterns.

Encourage everyone to have a bowl of treats for your very own trick or treating.

Halloween Lanterns

Trick or Treat at a Street Party

It’s a great idea to set a time for trick or treating at your street party. Parents can each retreat to their own yard ready to hand out treats.

The beauty about this method is you can see what is going on and it’s a great opportunity to let the kids go off together with the other kids in the street, without adult supervision (as you can pretty much see what is going on anyway, as no one is entering anyone’s home)

Other Halloween Street Party Ideas

There are many different ideas to keep people entertained at a Halloween Street Party. Aside from the usual, drinks and nibbles and fun music, at Halloween you can incorporate on theme party games and entertainment.

Halloween Street Party

Hosting a Halloween Street Party is a great way to not only enjoy this festive time of the year, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with your neighbours, which no doubt is something we just don’t do often enough, especially leading into this busy holiday season.