Random Ramblings #1

How’s this winter been? Seriously, bloody terrible right!

We took an escape back in June to Bali, but now I’m thinking I wished I’d saved it for September. Lol.

We’re always in lock down in winter with footy season taking over our family home, but that’s drawing to an end. We’ve got local finals next weekend and the AFL grand final the following weekend.  It’s always a great opportunity to get together with friends and celebrate.  Did you see my post on hosting a grand final party?

School holidays are almost upon us, unfortunately for me I’ll be working right through, BAM! there is the dream right there. When I started Party Remedy the long term dream of being able to work full time on the business and create a flexible working environment around the children was one of the boxes I hope to tick.  But this is a long term vision and I’m still a way off.

I’ll remain motivated though as working through these holidays has enabled me to take the whole of January off. I think the last time I had a ‘summer break’ was back when I was on Maternity leave with my first child who’ll be turning 12 in January.  That’s a little scary!

Have I told you how much I hate Winter! Rather than looking back I’m moving forward, I’d like to move really really fast too toward Summer.  Summer is my jam!  (Oh and of course my holidays)

I’m thinking a colour party would be a great way to celebrate the end of my daughters netball season. I just love liaising with our vendors to road test their products and ensure you’re getting the very best.  And to be honest, I’ve done several colour runs day and night and they are the bomb, this is such a great way to get the ‘fun’ without the ‘run’ for those less inclined.  I also feel better knowing I’m unlikely to lose any of my children in the park.

Colour Party

Before we know it we’ll blink and Halloween will be here, and that always excites me as it’s kind of the gateway to the festive season, not only is it another opportunity to get together with our friends, it also is like the cutting of the ribbon to our camping season. Gosh we love to escape the grind in our van.  So many adventures to be had.

Anyway, that’s enough random ramblings from me, I just like to check in every now and then and share how I’m going, we’re not just a business, we’re a family, just like you guys. I like sharing what is happening behind the scenes, what makes us tick and encourage you to do the same.

Tell me, what are you looking forward to in the next few months?

Tiffany’s Pamper Party

When Tiffany was about to turn 8 her mum put together a really cool pamper party for her to celebrate with her friends.


Fortunately for Tiffany her mum is the clever person behind Peony Pepper Events and Styling, so regardless of what she came up with it was destine to be awesome.

To set the scene a super stylish party table was created.  Filled with not only the birthday cake, but loads of other themed party food, there was plenty to fill those with an appetite, or a sweet tooth.

Pamper Party

Decorated with bunting, honeycomb balls and a stunning personalised back drop from Invitations and Party Prints, Angela ensured there was a wow factor for guests as they arrived.

A foot spa, face masks and make up stations were the orders of the day, with guests adorn in pink satin robes to feel the part, followed by decorated slippers and sleep masks for additional fun.Pamper Party


All personalised items were designed by Invitations and Party Prints

Robes were purchased from Ebay

Whilst Angela already owned the table she hired white chairs for the party

Drink dispensers and glass bottles can be purchased via Kmart

Mats, face washers and tubs for foot spa can also be purchased via Kmart

Confetti Balloon – A fun way to give cash as a gift

Confetti Balloon

I remember years ago giving cash or a gift card was really considered a bit of a cope out, a lazy gift if you may.  But these days, it’s much preferred. People can put their money together and get something they’re truly going to value as opposed to having a bunch of things they don’t want or need.

If I’m going to give cash as a gift I want to make it fun, I want to still create a bit of buzz for the birthday recipient.

How to create a confetti balloon

You’ll need:

  • Transparent Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Balloon holders
  • Balloon sticks

confetti balloon

I always try to get $5 notes as the more there are in the balloon the more effective they are.  I roll them up and place an elastic band around them.

Using a funnel I put the balloons and a bunch of confetti into the balloon.

Then I blow the balloon up and tie a knot.  I secure it with the balloon holder and place it on the stick.

When we gifted on to a friend recently we were met with so much excitement.  The mum said “we popped the balloon and the confetti and the money flew about 5 metres into the air, it was the best fun”

Obviously for the neat freaks amongst us, popping the balloon may be best completed outdoors.

Creating a confetti balloon is a fun way to gift money, it’s a great talking point and will provide plenty of smiles.

Kids Drawing Cake

Kids Drawing Cake

Have you ever thought of having a kids drawing cake for your child’s birthday?

Kid’s love cake and more often than not have their birthday’s all planned out in their head including the type of cake they want for their birthday.

A kids drawing cake is a great way to get them involved too.

What do you need to create a kids drawing cake?

  • A cake
  • Fondant
  • Cream Cheese frosting (or equivalent)
  • Edible markers

Obviously if you’re making a cake from scratch, this is the first step.  Depending on the enthusiasm and age of your child they can get involved at this stage too, it’s a great way to make them really feel like ‘I made this’.

Kids Drawing Cake

Once the cake is baked and cooled ensure it’s flat, cutting it back if need be.  You may want to make a couple of cakes and layer also.

At this point you want to get the fondant ready, roll it out so that it’s ready for placement.

Then create your frosting / icing and put a layer of this over your cake (top and sides), this helps the fondant to stick.  Try and scrape this as smooth as possible.

Once you’re happy with this it’s time to place the fondant over the cake.  Now some people find this incredibly challenging, others not so much.

Me, cakes are not my forte, but I run with the attitude that a cake doesn’t have to be perfect to be loved. So when my fondant isn’t perfect I just do a little bit of moulding to make it look ‘good enough’

Then it’s time to let the birthday child loose on their own cake. Try to allow them plenty of time to get their creative juices flowing.  If they’re perfectionists they may want to draft something up, but with young ones they’re happy to run with it more often than not.

Kids Drawing Cake

Hot Tip: try not to mix the colours, these markers are more susceptible to damage tips than normal markers.  If looked after markers can reused time and time again.  So whilst it might seem like a bit of an outlay for one cake it’s great for many uses.

We’ve also on occasion as a school holiday treat rolled out some fondant and using a cookie cutter made circles to sit on top of cupcakes, giving the kids another opportunity to be creative and get in the kitchen.

You can purchase edible markers here and here



Beth’s 40th Birthday Celebration

It’s been two years now since I was caught up in the whirlwind of 40th birthday celebrations.  I swear I was going to at least one 40th a month for over a year. But boy was it fun!!!!

‘Party of the year’ definitely went to my gorgeous friend Beth who ensured her party was going to be as big as her personality and no stone would be left unturned.

She chose to host her birthday at Bobby McGees, which is a great function venue, once the home to a great night club where we spent a bit of our youth, so for us, it was very fitting.

The venue is quite large, it has a sunken dance floor in the middle with standing area around the outskirts.  As such Beth was able to provide a sit down dinner, utilising the outskirts for table seating.

Not only did this allow for great styling on her part, it also allowed Beth the opportunity to group her different social and family groups together to ensure everyone had a place to call home and people to chat to.

Bobby Mcgees

On arrival we were greeted not only by the birthday girl and her hubby, we were greeted by a larger than life Champagne girl.  Dressed to impress she wore a metal skirt that held ready to go glasses of bubbly, so no one walked in empty-handed.

Speeches were made with the use of an overhead projector in the venue allowing lots of reminiscing and laughs and perhaps the odd ‘happy’ tear!

Bobby Mcgees

A three course meal was arranged with the third course being the birthday cake and a selection from the candy bar.

The DJ was fantastic and kept the dance floor full most of the night, except for when guests were off getting up to all sorts of shenanigans in the photo booth.

Beth ticked all the boxes:

  • A great Venue
  • Lots to eat and drink
  • Great entertainment with a fun DJ & Photobooth
  • Styling on point
  • And of course last but definitely not least, great company


This was me at the end of the night, thought it would be fun to take home some centre pieces for the kids.  Seriously, who the hell was I kidding.  These babies were never going to fit in my car. lol.

But I’m so glad I managed to get a picture of them, I just adore an oversized balloon and glitter, so the two together = magic!

This was definitely a party to remember.


Creating an AFL Grand Final Party

Finals fever is about to set in and as a result I thought it would be timely to look at some cool ways to host an AFL grand final party.

5 Fun Ideas to create the ultimate AFL Grand Final Party

1/Create personalised invitations: an invitation is always the introduction to your celebration, it’s sets the expectation and creates a bit of buzz.  For Grand Final day you may choose to create a Facebook Event but invitations are an opportunity to really pack a punch.

AFL Party


2/ Decorate!  There are two teams that have worked hard all season to be in this spot, celebrate that!  Pull out the balloons, the streamers, you name it.  You could share the love between the two teams but I appreciate sometimes we might be feeling a little one sided and that’s OK too, just bare your guests in mind and what their expectations might be, lol.

AFL Party

(Source: Favorlane)

3/Create a food table: It’s always nice to centralise food especially when you’re going to be nibbling away all day.  Grand final day especially tends to be a grazing day and if you’ve got a large group of people it’s a great way to keep food in one spot rather than scattered all over the house.  Check out this ace lolly buffet.

AFL Party


4/If kids are involved, they’re usually easily board.  Why not create some fun activities out in the yard to keep them entertained, they can come and go as they please and it will also add for some awesome half time entertainment.

AFL Party


5/Go disposable, seriously if you’re inviting a group of people and you want to actually sit and watch the game, go disposable.  The last thing you want to do is spend your whole time in the kitchen making sure all is well for everyone else.  Keep it simple.  People want to spend time with you enjoying the game.

AFL Party


AFL finals is a great time of the year (assuming you’re into footy) The weather is starting to turn for the better and everyone is excited for a get together.  In Victoria, the heart of the MCG we get a public holiday the day before the game so there is plenty of opportunity to get amongst it and create a bit of fun.

Do you love a good grand final get together?


All photos are from Party Remedy’s AFL Football Party Pinterest Board, Click Here to check it out for even more awesome ideas.

A Batman Party for Olivia

Batman Party

Sometimes your children aren’t into the stereo typical things that the media depicts they should be and that is OK.

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything about who they are and what they love.

When my daughter turned 9 she was Batman obsessed. So we threw her a batman birthday party.  And whilst batman might not be every 9 year old girl’s passion, each and every child that come along to that party embraced it and had a great time.

My daughter’s birthday is in Summer so we opted for a party at home, purely because it was going to be a big party with a lot of kids and too expensive to host anywhere else.

We set up a Party Table with food, and themed it to suit.

Batman Party

We created the back drop using three disposable table covers, stapled them together at one end and hung length wise.  Then we cut them creating a fringe.  To ensure we could see all three colours we plaited the fringe pieces for about 10cms which ensured all colours were randomly visible.

In front of that I hung a bunting made of card, with her name on it.  It was a simple alphabet printable from Pinterest.

You can find it here: Batman Alphabet Bunting

On the food table we had:

  • Cupcakes (with printable batman cake toppers)
  • Jelly Cups
  • A Batman Birthday Cake
  • Chips
  • Lollies
  • And Chocolate bars (wrapped in batman chocolate wrappers)

Batman Party

We didn’t provide hot food as it was summer and we scheduled the party to run during the afternoon, after lunch but before dinner.

Again using free printables we created an open photo booth. Printed out on card we spent several nights in front of the TV cutting them out.  I also laminated them for protection against wear and tear.  I just used bamboo skewers from our kitchen for handles.

You can find the photo booth props here: Photo booth props on Pinterest

Batman Party

The party itself was pretty free range, we did pass the parcel, had some dance competitions and Olivia had received a karaoke machine for her birthday so that got a great work out.  With the usual backyard entertainment such as swings, basketball ring and trampoline there was plenty to keep them entertained inside and out.

I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time and went home with a little new found love for Batman.

A gorgeous Watermelon Party

Watermelon Party

April wanted to host a watermelon themed sleep over for her daughter Imogen’s birthday.

She created a party table in a little nook which usually houses a study desk. Along with watermelon themed nibbles and cake April created a gorgeous balloon garland which is right on trend right now. She used some string and balloon clips to place the balloons.

Watermelon Party

The watermelon cake, cupcakes and biscuits were all outsourced to Danniz Cakes, otherwise everything else was created by this creative and talented duo, called mum and dad!

The colour combination of watermelon really does light up the room. Balloons, gift bags and a stunning cake really enhanced the atmosphere of the space.

OK people let’s not forget to overlook the pink fair floss drinks! Totes loving everything about this!

Given that Teepee parties are all the rage right now it was exactly what April was after for the sleep over. However her concern that some of the girls were potentially a little too tall for your standard Teepee she got her hubby to build his own to accommodate all the guests.  Well played dad!

Watermelon Party

Teepee’s were covered in fairly lights and vines for a little ambience and air beds with sleeping bags placed inside for comfort. I’m not sure how much sleep would have been had.

Loving the Teepee Parties but don’t know where to start.  If you’re in Victoria why not check out Diamond Party and Slumber Hire, or for those in Northern Sydney or the Central Coast check out Twinkle Little Teepee for great hire options.

Creating a Waffle Station

Create a Waffle Station

We all love Ice Cream and Pancakes but I truly believe most of us love Waffles too, they’re definitely underrated!

Creating a waffle station is a great idea to feed the masses when hosting a party.

HOT TIP! ~ Waffle Making

Did you know you can use cake mix to make waffles.  It’s a quick way to churn them out, especially if you don’t have a lot of time or you want to make them in bulk.

Simply add: 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 cup oil and 3 eggs to 1 Cake mix.

Ingredients for a Waffle Station

You can create a few variances in a waffle station depending on the type of party you’re hosting and the time of the event.

I’ve you’re hosting an event for brunch you might include:

  • Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Bacon
  • Maple Syrup

Yet if you’re hosting an event in the afternoon / evening and wanting more of a dessert bar, you might include:

  • Ice Cream
  • Melted Chocolate
  • Whipped Cream
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sprinkles / Nuts / Choc dots
  • Icing sugar

Styling a Waffle Station

Let’s face it these days it’s just as much about dressing up the table as it is about the food.  A table cloth or party themed table cover will set the mood.  Colour coordinate your serving ware if you have a theme also.  I’m always picking up cheap disposable bowls and platters to serve the need of my up-coming party.  Alternatively I have an arrangement of white serving wares to use as needed.

For a dessert bar a back drop might also set the scene.

Following on from this a sign including a list of ingredients always adds a bit of jazz.  Beit a black board or a personalised printout framed.

Fresh flowers or a bunch of balloons also help create the party atmosphere you might be after.

Overall creating a waffle station is a great idea for a ‘dessert buffet’ at your next party.  It’s not something that’s over-done and will sure to create a lot of buzz for all the right reasons.

A 3 Year Old Troll Party

Nicole created a gorgeous Troll Party for her daughters 3rd Birthday.

It was a party at home so she had to not only think about decorations but ensure she had something to keep a bunch of young active kids entertained.

She built her own ball pit for the back yard, using piping, netting and pool noodles. A kids slide and a bunch of balls would ensure some fun outdoor action.

A stunning two tier cake made by a school friend (how good is a mum’s network) was definitely the centre piece of the party table although to be honest there was so much beauty going on around the room I imagine guests wouldn’t have known where to look.

I have a huge love of tinsel fringe as it really adds a sense of bling to any occasion. The use of the silver behind the party table to draw attention to it was great.

Nicole created a separate set up as a photo back drop. Using disposable table covers to create a rainbow, Nicole has used a shiny fringe to create that spark.  Topped with a bunch of ‘clouds’ white balloons up top, she has created the ultimate troll back drop.

Nicole has put together a table for the kids,  She made the decision to buy these tables and chairs as she felt she’d get use of the investment over the years.  Little table set ups like this takes little effort but is far more effective for young party guests.

She also arranged a very special visitor. Poppy came by to put a smile on the birthday girl and was very happy to pose for photos in front of the gorgeous rainbow wall.

Some food, some games, including this super cute DIY ‘Pin the nose on the troll’ game Nicole made was sure to keep everyone entertained and walking away feeling fulfilled and happy.

Take home party bags were replaced with Troll cups  and included troll biscuits, small packet of smarties, Troll chocolate coins and a troll whistle.

Well done Nicole, you’ve done an awesome job on this Troll Party, I’m sure many wonderful memories were created and no doubt a bucket load full of great photos.

If you’re time poor or don’t have the desire to build your own ball pit you can hire them from many party hire companies.

Check out Tiny Tot Toy Hire  (NSW) via our directory

If you don’t want to purchase your own tiny tables and chairs, party hire again is another option.

Check out

Tiny Tot Toy Hire (NSW) via our directory

Party Hire 4 U (NSW) via our directory

This Little Party (VIC) via our directory